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Welcome to XSecHosting

XSecHosting is commited to providing the most advanced, in secured internet hosting solutions possible, using open source technology on the GNU-Linux platform, combined with the secure [TLS/SSL] protocols, to provide secure internet hosting solutions starting at prices affordable to the 'individual/sole trader' on our shared platform, scaling to the requirements of full scale 'Enterprise Class' high availability, fault tolerant, load balanced, mission critical dedicated hosting platforms and services. Please see our [Services] section for the complete service package details and prices. The XSecHosting TLS/SSL secured hosting platform provides the following features.

Email Services
  • Server based SpamAssassin Antispam
  • " " ClamAV Antivirus
  • " " MIMEDefang Malware removal
  • DNS implemented Sender Policy Framework
  • IMAPs/POPs TLS/SSL Secured E-Mail Access
  • TLS Secured 'Usage Authenticated' Mail Server
  • HTTPs Secured WebMail Client
  • HTTPs Secured Interfaces to Email Lists
Web Services
  • Apache Web Server with https
  • Apache::ASP, mod_perl
  • Support: mcrypt, mhash, mm, mcal,
    wv2, libwmf, gd, imagemagick, netpbm
  • Full cgi-bin, SSI support
  • PHP,Perl,Python,Ruby Scripting
  • Enrcypted MySQL Database
  • CMS support (Joomla, Wordpress, and many others)
  • AWStats, Webalizer Web Stats
  • SFTP/SCP TLS/SSL Secured Site Access
Services & Support Portal
  • HTTPs Secured User Settings Control Panel
  • Own Public Key Server (PKS services)
  • Own Certificate Authority (CA services)
  • Own Domain Name Server (DNS)
    (.uk and intl. domain registration)
State of the art
  • Intrusion detection
  • Firewalls
  • System Monitoring
  • Load Balancing and High Availability

No Advertising, No DataMining, No 3rd Party Service Dependencies