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Our Services are hosted on high availablity, fault tolerant, load balanced mission critical servers with state of the art service monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, either in-house or data centere co-located. Co-location affords all the benefits of state of the art data centres (Very high speed Internet access, network resiliency, power backups, trained staff, secured access, just to name a few), however a additional price.

Our main business is providing our TLS/SSL secured Internet/Web Hosting & Email Service on dedicated managed servers. However as dedicated servers and hosting services are not always a required or affordable solutions for all requirements, we also provide a shared hosting service for smaller to medium sized applications, suitable for both individuals / sole traders and larger businesses with smaller requirements.

Shared Hosting Service

Shared hosting can be provided either on in house servers or on data centre co-located servers. Shared hosting disk space and other system resources are subject to a fair usage policy. Database access, email addresses are provided as required.

Our in-house leased line shared hosting service is a budget/inexpensive hosting option at £20/year based on a 10GB/month bandwidth allowance with additional bandwidth at £1.00 per GB/month, or pre-paid at £0.50. If your service requirements exceeds it's pre-paid limits we will simply send out an appropriate invoice for the additional traffic at the end of the month., and provide the option to pre-pay for the following month or longer as required. The real difference between this and the co-location option is the fixed transmission rate and network resiliancy. There is no data centre assured service/network uptime guarantee, however as expected our leased lines are multi provider fail over fault tolerant.

Our data centre co-located shared hosting service level agreements/charges are based on a 3GB/month bandwidth allowance with additional bandwidth at £2.50, or pre-paid at £2.00. If your service requirements exceeds it's pre-paid limits we will simply send out an appropriate invoice for the additional traffic at the end of the month., and provide the option to pre-pay for the following month or longer as required.

In addition our scaled transmission rates and prices allow for a minumum slice of the server's transmission capability (measured at the server) to be allocated i.e.the performance to deliver to the client at the client's service speed. As more clients upgrade to ever higher speed broadband connections, this can 'in keeping' be an extremely usefull service addition. The service may be upgraded at any time.

For further information or enquiries please feel free to [Contact Us] with the 'Information' request type, or with the 'New Services' to order any of our shared hosting service packages.

Service Level
Scaled transmission rates service charge
Transmission Rate
£80/year 2Mb/s
£100/year 4Mb/s
£120/year 8Mb/s
£150/year 10Mb/s

Additional Services:
Full postnuke CMS with over 1000 adaptable themes/templates
Note: Theme design is available from XSystems Consultants Ltd
one off fee of £10, for installation and setup
1 IP address for HTTPs (certificate from XsecHosting or any other recognised CA excl.)
1 IP address for SMTPs (certificate from XsecHosting or any other recognised CA excl.) £30/year
Email Lists
PKI services and shared https (available on request)

Domain Name Registration and DNS Hosting Service
In order to take full advantage of our services we strongly recommend your domain name is registered through us and hosted on our DNS or TAG transfered to our TAG if the domain name is with a 3rd party. Leaving your domain name with a 3rd party leaves the domain open to 3rd party advertising insertion and 3rd party data mining of clients with possible adverse correspondace being sent to potential clients (after all money has to be made some how when charging 2p/domain).

We can register domains in the .uk Top Level Domain (TLD) at a cost of £15/domain name for a 2 year, renewable registration period or in the international TLD (e.g. .com, .org) at a cost of £15/year, renewable. All domains registered are automatically renewed and charged seperately.. Domains may be canceled according to our [Terms & Conditions]. Transfers to / from our TAG are not charged by XSecHosting or XSystems the TAG holder, however any costs relating to 3rd parties (eg previous/new registrar) are to be met by the registrant. In the event of a service agreement defaulting any/all associated domain name registrations will be returned to Nominet Uk which return the domain name to the public.     
For further information, queries/requests regarding domain name registration please [Contact Us] and we will endeaver to respond with in 24 hours, In the event of emergencies please phone the contact number provided. Pleae Note:: We do not support domain name resellers through the XSystems TAG..     
All domains registered with our TAG in the .uk Top Level Domain (TLD) are registered with Nominet UK and are subject to the Nominet UK [Terms & Conditions]. Nominet UK also provides a Dispute Resolution Service see the Nominet UK DRS site for further details. Underwhich Objectionable Website Content is also covered.
Objectionable Website Content, Malware and Criminal Activity
Websites hosted by XsecHosting and Objectionable Website Content, Malware and Criminal Activity is subject to our [Terms & Conditions ] and like with nominet we can not supsend websites/domain at the request of a 3rd Party, however if it is believed a website hosted by XsecHosting may be used in connection with criminal activity or have been security breached and serving malware or used in conjunction (through possibly 'hijacked'l inks) with a 3rd Party site suspected of providing malware or crimainal activity please notify us imediately through our Abuse contacts in our [Contact Us ] section. In the case of emergency please use the phone numbers provided in the [Contact Us] section.         
Dedicated Hosting Service

For further information on our specialist hosting on dedicated servers, which can get quite a bit more expensive, requiring the very special talents of XSystems Consultants Ltd in Service Architecture & Design, along with the hosting expertise of XSecHosting. [Contact Us] with the 'Information' request type for High Availability, Load balanced, Fault Tolerant, Mission Critical large 'Enterprise' Services, or for high volume sites such as a commercial mp3 download, you will find our quotes to be astonishingly competitive.

Complex WebServices and Applications

Both our shared and dedicated hosting platforms provide the ideal hosting environments for operating E-Groupware, Customer Relations Managment, Enterprise Resourse Planning, (CRM/ERP), E-Commerce solutions using free open source solutions such as

As these are complex applications requiring professional design and support services may we recommend the services of XSystems Consultants Ltd for expert Network/Services Architecture & Design, Integration, and Support Services. Please do not hesitate to [Contact Us] with the 'Information' request type with any additional queries regarding hosting requirements for hosting your complex webservices and applications.

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