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XSecHosting is the Internet/Web Hosting, E-Mail service arm of XSystems Consultants Ltd, created to provide commercial [Services] using the open source TLS/SSL secured Internet/Web Hosting, and E-Mail service platform designed by XSystems. All XSecHosting [Services] aresubject to our [Terms & Conditions].

As XSecHosting is a provider of secured Internet services. We encourage the use of OpenPGP compliant digital signature and encryption tools in E-Mail clients used in conjunction with our TLS/SSL secured E-Mail Service. Our [Downloads] Section provides links to the free open source GnuPG and E-Mail integration tools for the major platforms and E-Mail clients. Our [FAQs and Howto's] Section contains details for installing configuring these tools. The tools are simple to install and provide transparent easy to work with interfaces in the supported E-Mail clients. For security reasons we particularly recommend using the Firefox for web browsing, and Thunderbird or the full Mozilla all-in-one internet application suite, with the XSecHosting TLS/SSL secured E-Mail Service combined with GnuPG and Enigmail, as these are cross platform tools available free for all the major Operating Systems.

All XSecHosting internal business systems are implemented using open source design, productivity, and Intranet based business process solutions on the Linux platform. The proprietary closed source platforms are reserved for compatibility testing purposes only, to ensure our services function on all platforms. For further information regarding open source solutions may we recommend the services of XSystems as architecture & design specialists for Open Source Solutions, Network/Services Architecture & Design, High Availability Fault Tolerant Secure Systems, Web Authoring, Multimedia Solutions, and Security Auditing.

IF you have any further questions please do not hesitate to [Contact Us] using the subject 'Information'
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