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XSecHosting complaints process PDF Print E-mail
  • If you are not a XSecHosting customer


If you are not a XSecHosting customer and have a complaint relating to any third party (for example relating to the content of a website hosted by a XSecHosting customer). XSecHosting will be unable to assist you directly by phone. Please send details of your issue or query to our Misuse email address in our [Contact Us] section.

If you wish to report issues regarding spam originating from a domain registered with with services provided by XsecHosting please send your supporting details to the Abuse email address in the XsecHosting [Contact Us] section.
XsecHosting is a trade name of XSystems Consultants Ltd. and as a UK company bound by UK law, accordingly will not act on behalf of non XSecHosting client 3rd parties with out due legal process, The following organisations may be able to help with legal advice.

  • If you are a XSecHosting customer
If you are a XSecHosting customerand find grounds to complaint regarding any service provided by XSecHosting in the first instance please email the complaint to XsecHosting with the Services email address provided in the XSecHosting [Contact Us ] section. As all ways you can expect a response with in 3 days, and our level best to resolve the issue.

Should you remain unhappy with the response you may terminate your service agreement according to our [Terms & Conditions ].
Should you have a domain name registerd by XSystems Consultants you may request the domain to be tag tranfered to any registrar free of any charge by XSecHosting or XSystems Consultants Ltd.

  •  Domain Name registration complaints escalation
XSystems Consultants Ltd as a registrar are required by nominet to provide a complaints escalation service relating to domain name registration, further details of which may be found in it's  [FAQs & Howtos ] section, under Domain Name Registration, Dispute Resolution, and complaints .
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